Anticlastic niobium cuff website Anodization is the process of using high voltage to grow an oxide layer on the surface of a reactive metal such as titanium, niobium or aluminium. In the case of titanium and niobium the thickness of the oxide layer can be controlled to produce spectacular colours from the interference of different wavelengths of light reflected from the surface. No dyes are used in the process. The metal to be colored becomes the anode of an electrical circuit and is dipped into an electrolyte solution which also contains a non-reactive cathode.
Smiley frowny niobium website The electrolyte can be almost any solution containing ions; I have heard you can even make Chardonnay work! If you change the applied voltage as you remove the piece from the electrolyte the color will also change, allowing multicolor pieces to be made.
Niobium heart website Most of my pieces are made of niobium, a dull grey metal which is currently about the same price as silver. Reactive metals cannot be soldered using conventional techniques, so cold connections must be used.
Starburst niobium website  Niobium linked bracelet