Cuttlebone Cuttlebone casting is an ancient technique for producing one off metal pieces. Cuttlebone is the chalky internal shell of a squid like mollusc called a cuttlefish. Cuttlebone is sold in pet supply stores as a dietary supplement and beak sharpening aid for caged birds. It consists of a harder outer shell and a softer inner which is essentially calcium carbonate. The soft layer has a unique and detailed texture which extends throughout the thickness of the layer.
Cuttlebone cast maori website I create molds by carving into the soft material and pouring molten metal directly into the mold, where it takes its shape and texture from the cuttlebone. The mold burns up during casting (with an accompanying smell of burning fish – good ventilation is important!) so each piece is unique.
Rippled rectangle website I like to accent the pieces with coloured gemstones to further increase their individuality.