Designer cab earrings 1 website I have to confess to a terrible cabochon habit (cabochons are shaped and polished gemstones without faceting) – there are so many beautiful stones out there and I just love buying them and looking at them! But they deserve to be seen and worn, and I’m not allowed to wear jewelry in my day job, so I have to share them. I mix cabochons with accent stones in pieces with lots of colour and movement. If you need a piece to go with a particular outfit such as a bridesmaid’s dress I probably have a cabochon for you in my stash and we can design a custom pendant or earrings.
Designer cabochon pink website Most of my cabochons are cut by lapidarys (gem cutters) in the US, some of whom mine and collect their own rough material. If you look beyond the mass market diamonds, rubies and emeralds there are a wealth of beautiful stones out there at very reasonable prices.
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