Sometimes you just can’t improve on Mother Nature.

Cast twigs necklace website Organic objects such as twigs, cones and seeds can be perfectly reproduced in silver or bronze using a version of the lost wax process. A high temperature investment material similar to 'Plaster of Paris' is poured around the object and allowed to set. Then the original object is burned out in a kiln and the remaining hollow shape in the investment used as a mold for molten silver.
Casting process website I use 'centrifugal' or 'spin' casting, which is a very simple but very effective process. The crucible in which you melt the casting metal and the investment mold are at the end of an arm which is attached to a central spring. The spring is wound tightly before the metal is melted, then the stored energy in the spring is released when the melt is ready and the metal is flung into the mold as the arm spins around. At least you hope it is flung into the mold and not all over you and your workshop!
Coffee bean suite website  

My coffee bean earrings and necklaces are made using this technique, so each silver bean is as unique as the original bean. I select the most aesthetically pleasing beans from a batch for casting and my coffee loving husband uses the rest in his morning cuppa. When I run the burnout cycle in the kiln it smells rather like the office when someone forgets to switch off the coffee maker at night.


Cypress juniper website I have also cast twigs that I have used in a variety of necklaces and pins, as well as pine cones (which are so delicate that they have a pretty low success rate) and seed pods. Whenever I am out hiking I have my eyes open for possible raw materials!