My day job involves a lot of destructive testing of industrial glass. In order to balance all this destructiveness I like to use glass in a more creative manner and have developed a few jewelry designs using automotive and architectural glass.


EZkool tree website 1 My Christmas tree earrings use the solar control glass that is used for vehicle windows. It is formulated to cut out UV and IR radiation, but this leads to a little bit of absorption in the visible range which gives it its green color – perfect for Christmas trees. Festive colored twinkling cubic zirconia are fused into the glass surface and the earrings hang from sterling silver studs.
Art deco glass website My Art Deco necklace combines super dark privacy glass with super white low iron solar cell cover glass, and diamond like white cubic zirconia in the center. A handmade Argentium sterling bail and a black rubber cord complete the piece.
OPtiwhite snowflake website Snowflake earrings and necklaces make use of the clarity of low iron solar cell glass to allow the applied colors to shine through unaltered. An etched snowflake with a sparkling white cubic zirconia center is highlighted by your chosen background color.
Trillion arctic blue website My favorite glass color is the turquoise blue made for those exotic modern skyscrapers. The pieces I use were part of a test run for a solar control coating and I discovered that when the coating is fired against a textured tile it gives a lovely iridescent effect; not at all what those coating scientists had in mind, but very pretty all the same. Pure white cubic zirconias and silver bezels emphasize the color of the glass.